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Retirement Plan Fee & Service Comparison

Live Quote Fee Comparison/Benchmarking - Negotiated Pricing

Horizons Financial Group is a member of Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG), a national alliance of advisors whose services are designed to provide enhanced value for sponsors and participants in qualified and non-qualified plans. Our CFA charterholder-developed technology platform produces full-view metrics, safety-net compliance and clarity in communication. Today, RPAG supports thousands of advisors across the U.S., serving over 80,000 plan sponsors, more than $800 billion in assets under influence, and 7 million plan participants.

As a member of RPAG, Horizons Financial Group (HFG) has access to the first - and still only - automated live bid Benchmarking/Comparison Resource detailing fees, platform services and investments connected to more than 100 service providers. This helps plan sponsors meet important fiduciary requirements while helping ensure a best practices retirement plan.


Dedicated Focus

RPAG maintains a RFP/Benchmarking Department committed solely to performing provider searches for investment management, recordkeeping services and fee comparisons. By leveraging RPAG’s and HFG’s experience and robust consulting tools, HFG can lead plan sponsors through the benchmarking process- from the initial proposal requests to the final analysis, and even conversion management assistance.

The source of data utilized to benchmark plan cost, services and investments is proprietary- developed and maintained in-house by full-time provider research analysts. Ultimately, the final report output documents whether current fees, services and investments are competitive with the marketplace, while helping plan fiduciaries meet their responsibilities as set forth by ERISA.


Key Attributes

  • The RPAG B3 Provider Analysis system receives over 5,000 live pricing quotes from service providers and has produces over 2,000 benchmarking reports every year.
  • On a semi-annual basis, the RPAG RFP department collects updates from 100+ providers to ensure current data is maintained in its proprietary B3 Provider Analysis database.
  • The final report output includes 400+ data points in key areas including recordkeeping, investment management, compliance services, employee education and technology.
  • A Total Cost Analysis shows bottom-line dollar amounts of incumbent and bidding providers, and includes revenue sharing analysis for full fee transparency.
  • RPAG routinely meets with service providers to stay abreast of product enhancements and conducts site visits to ensure ongoing qualitative due diligence.
  • RPAG’s B3 Provider Analysis services can be applied to 401(k), 403(b), 457 and Non-Qualified plans ranging from under $1,000,000 to over $1,000,000,000.

RPAG, Horizons Financial Group, Inc. and LPL Financial are separate entities.