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Five Tough Questions To Ask Every Financial Advisor

If you are selecting or changing your financial advisor, and If you want the following from your advisor:

  • Puts your interests first
  • Understands and respects your need for confidentiality and privacy
  • Can provide solutions to help you reach your financial goals, on time and within your means
  • Is professional and experienced
  • Reduces your stress and worries
  • Provides personal attention
  • Strives always to provide excellent service

Then you should ask your prospective financial advisor to answer the five important questions listed below:

Answers from Horizons Financial Group, Inc. are provided for your comparison.

1. What can you do for me that others can’t?

Horizons Financial Group, Inc. offers you the following major benefits:

  • 90+ years of combined investment intellectual capital and experience.
  • Comprehensive customized services and impartial, unbiased independent financial advice.
  • We are not tied to any specific sponsors. financial alternatives/solutions, or sales quotas.
  • Clean compliance record for all employees and the firm.

2. Why should I retain your services and have you do it instead of doing it myself?

For financial well-being and providing them with added confidence. A recent study by Dalbar, Inc., an independent research organization, found that mutual fund investors who worked with financial advisors got better returns than investors who made decisions on their own. Our investment services, for example, are based on Modern Portfolio Theory, and approach so significant that its developer, Harry Markowitz, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics.

For our wealth management clients: You get a comprehensive financial plan designed to help meet your short-term objectives and long-term goals. You get answers to questions like “How can I potentially increase my investment income while preserving my capital?” and “How can I reduce my taxes next year?” The bottom line is that you get a professional managing your money full-time so you can concentrate on important things like your family, your leisure time, and your career.

3. How much does this cost?

The initial consultation is free and informative. Some of our subsequent services are provided in exchange for a flat fee, others may be provided based on an hourly charge. We prefer to charge an asset-based fee for our investment management services; however, if the client wishes, similar services can be paid through commissions. All costs and expenses are disclosed to you before any work is performed or transactions are conducted. We think our services help you sleep better!

4. How often do I hear from you?

We strive to prove there’s nothing better than the quality of our customer service. We prefer to work with highly selective clients who, in turn, prefer to work with a financial advisor who meets their needs with a personal attention and not with a sales pitch. As an independent company, we know you by name, not by account number. You get regular account statements, newsletters, quarterly performance reviews, and whenever appropriate, a personal phone call or letter to update or advise you. We are always accessible and promptly respond to your inquires. Our clients say we treat them like friends and family.

5. Do you accept all clients?

No matter the size of your account, if we don’t believe we can meet your expectations, we will decline your offer to become a client. To determine if your needs match our expertise, call our office to schedule your complimentary initial consultation. It’s your money, your future, and your move.