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Institution Portfolio Consulting

Performing many roles for your financial institution can be very time consuming. Being an expert in every endeavor can be challenging. That is why partnering with Horizons Financial Group and utilizing our Portfolio Consulting Platform can help you maximize your time and help ease the burden for your investing strategies.

Our Portfolio Consulting Platform allows for the ease of maintaining your investment broker relationships. No changes with your existing broker relationships are necessary, now or in the future.

You can have confidence in your partnership decision. The Investment Strategies Team of Horizons Financial Group (HFG) encompasses 90+ years of combined investment experience with emphasis in fixed income trading, portfolio management, asset/liability management and balance sheet strategies.

HFG specializes working with fixed income investment portfolios; customizing investment strategies that adhere to their investment policy statement allowing clients to maximize operating revenues.

Participation in and support of various State Community Bank Associations and Credit Union Leagues has afforded HFG the opportunity to better understand and appreciate the challenges that face financial institutions today.

Our investment portfolio consulting strategies are structured around our clients’ needs:

  • Design/update of an investment policy statement
  • Distribution of maturities
  • Diversification of assets
  • Cash flow requirements
  • Cash balance “safety net”
  • Asset/Liability concerns
  • Our Investment Strategies Team has worked with investment portfolios as large as $500,000,000.00 to as small as $200,000.00. Each client relationship is unique and is customized to meet their specific needs.

Horizons Financial Group provides a turnkey process for our Investment Portfolio Consulting clients beginning with investment policy creation, asset allocation guidelines, specific recommendations and strategies that are executed by your approved investment broker dealer relationships to end with our follow up investment detail execution report to be kept for compliance, auditor, examiner and Board review.