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Client Bill of Rights

What You Should Expect From Us

  1. Because you, The Client, realize the need for:
    • Professional assistance in meeting your Fiduciary roles and responsibilities for your corporate retirement plans
    • The attainment and/or maintenance of important financial goals and objectives for your corporate investment portfolio or your individual wealth management portfolio, and
  2. Because you, The Client, understand that working with a professional financial advisor is a relationship, not a transaction, we take pride in being independent advisors, not tied to any organization.
  3. You should expect us to have a clear understanding of your present financial situation and where you want to be--and to offer you prudent solutions(s) to help your goals become a reality.
  4. You should expect full disclosure for all recommendations-you have the right to hear all sides of an issue and not just the "candy-coated" side.
  5. You should expect excellent service - we are here to serve you.
  6. You should expect complete confidentiality – your corporate and individual financial affairs are private and we guard them zealously.
  7. You should expect less anxiety in your life.

What We Expect From You

  1. Because we, The Advisors, strive to do our best and desire professional relationships that are beneficial to both parties, and
  2. Because we, The Advisors, wish to protect our names and reputations always,
  3. We expect you to be open and honest - We cannot help you if we don’t know your needs, desires, and financial situation.
  4. We expect to be treated as a professional - We are not salespeople. We are recognized professionals, hired by you, to solve your problems. When we call or write, it will be with information pertinent to your needs. Please respond as soon as possible.
  5. We expect you to be decisive - in all cases, we are entitled to either a YES or NO. The more we are misled by "maybe", the less time we will have to serve you.
  6. If we perform to your satisfaction, please refer others to us.
  7. The foundation of every good relationship is trust and communication. Therefore, it is important to discuss and understand the terms of our relationship.