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The Runaway Chair

The Runaway Chair

September 01, 2021
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My granddad has had the same leather recliner chair for years.

In retirement and still to this day, he has spent many of his days snoozing in the chair and cherishes it as his “throne.”

As all chairs do, the reclining mechanism wore out over time and became hard for him to open.

This required some maintenance and meant that he needed a specialist to look into servicing the chair.

I can’t remember how my grandparents got the chair to the specialist but I just happened to be living with them when it was time to go pick up the chair and deliver it back home.

We took off in my grandfather’s Ford Ranger truck with blankets and rope to tie down the chair.

I remember asking my granddad, “You sure this rope will be enough to hold down this chair?”

“It should be – I got it up here this way, but you will be my eyes as we drive on the (busy) interstate back home.” I can still feel that responsibility to this day weighing on me – please don’t mess this up.

Everything seemed fine 15 minutes into the drive home until I turned around and saw the truck bed empty – all I could say is, “Your chair is gone.”

We stopped and I could see the chair sliding on its back down the interstate in a spinning motion. Luckily, the blankets we had tied to the chair were still intact.

My grandfather reacted so quickly and, thankfully, a semi-truck slowed down and stopped traffic while we got out to retrieve the chair.

That chair ended up with no scratches and works great to this day.

Here at Horizons Financial, we tell folks that in our financial planning, “We plan for the best, but prepare for the worst.”

That chair still fell out but was protected because my granddad – unknowingly – prepared for the worst.

Have you looked into the possible life scenarios or “what if” situations that could wreck your financial planning or your family’s future?

Don’t rely on your own ropes and blankets to protect you, call our team for a review or second opinion of your financial plan.


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