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March 01, 2021
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One Saturday evening, my wife and I were driving to one of our favorite restaurants. As we pulled into the parking lot, I noticed a BIG crowd all seated together on the outdoor patio.

As I began to recognize several of them, it dawned on me that my wife had planned a SURPRISE party for my 50th birthday. The evening was a success and celebrated with wonderful food, fun & fellowship with friends and family. However, in life, not all surprises are good ones.

When “Life Happens”, it helps if you have planned ahead. Whether it’s replacing an HVAC system, needing a new roof or a major car repair, having an “UH OH” fund for emergencies helps calm those concerns when these SURPRISES occur.

Beyond your “UH OH” Fund, the need for planning in retirement can be critical to your retirement success. One major retirement wrecker is not planning for a Long-Term Care event. Do you have a plan in place to protect you?

If you need help addressing these SURPRISES or “Life Events” contact our Team and let us help identify and map out your retirement readiness.

Until next time,

Stay Safe and Be Well.


Jim Nix and the Horizons Financial Family