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Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

January 29, 2021
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In February of 1999, my oldest sister at age 43 died suddenly while cooking breakfast on a Saturday morning with her two sons standing on either side of her.

Rebecca Kay Nix Dean, 12/12/1955 - 2/20/1999

I was at home that morning when the phone call came from my brother-in-law explaining to me that “we lost your sister this morning.”

 ”Lost?” I asked, “What do you mean lost?”

As the realization of what he was saying and the shock of it came through, I immediately went into “Protection of Family Mode”.

I thought of my two nephews and my niece who at that time were ages 8, 15 and 18.

I told my brother-in-law, “I’m on my way”.

After sharing the news with my wife, I was on the road in less than 10 minutes.

This was obviously a very long and emotional day for our family.

Later that evening & after the children had gone to bed, my parents shared an interesting request that my sister had discussed with them a few short months earlier.

The request was simply… “should something unexpected happen to me, will you promise me that you will help look after, ‘raise’ the children?”

After inquiring and establishing that nothing was amiss or wrong, my sister received the answer she knew it would be- “Yes, of course”.

From that moment forward, my parents have Paid it Forward.

Honoring the memory of my sister; their daughter, by actively engaging, loving, supporting and guiding my nephews and my niece.

Today they are ages 30, 37, 40. Each very successful, kind and loving adults.

My sister would be very proud of them!

The youngest is Andrew.

Andrew is part of our Horizons Financial Team and Family.

He is a key member of our Team and many of you know him as we do- as a kind, God centered man with a servant’s heart.

As Andrew continues to grow into his evolving roles within the financial practice, we take comfort knowing we have a plan in place to honor our legacy and our promise to always take care of our clients.

Pay it Forward!

Until next time…

Stay Safe and Be well.


Jim Nix and the Horizons Financial Family