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Like Sands Through the Hourglass...So are the Changes to Our Family Lives

Like Sands Through the Hourglass...So are the Changes to Our Family Lives

January 11, 2021
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I am truly a lucky and blessed man!

I am married to a beautiful, kind and wise woman, who is my best friend and biggest supporter. Through our marriage, we have a blended family of six children- five girls and one boy. Our collective children are all grown, educated and gainfully employed adults that make us extremely proud. Our children have brought many joys into our lives but none greater than the joy of having grandchildren!

As of this writing- we have SIX granddaughters and one additional granddaughter to be born Spring 2021. As a parent, you love your children. As a grandparent, that love multiplies as your family circle widens. A friend asked me the other day if we were looking for the elusive “Y” chromosome for future grandchildren. 😊 Let me tell you, it is wonderful to have a house and yard full of beautiful little granddaughters!

Through the years as we watched our family grow, it reminds me of all the changes you experience as a young married couple and the financial decisions faced as you start a family. Buying a house, getting a bigger/safer automobile, starting college savings plans and saving for all these weddings. However, these decisions are weighed against one of the biggest financial concerns for many young couples today… how to pay off their mountain of student loan debt.


At Horizons Financial, our Team specializes working with young couples as they wrestle with these big decisions along with many others. Having a financial family - a team of experienced advisors serving your family as a financial advocate can really help as you prepare for the future of your family.

As we all know, life is short. As the sand passes through the hourglass, learn to enjoy the journey and embrace the coming changes.  

Until next time…

Stay Safe and Be well.


Jim Nix and the Horizons Financial Family