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How All Y’all and Your Mom’nem?

How All Y’all and Your Mom’nem?

June 24, 2021
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If you had a chance to read my previous blog, “To Tell You the Truth” you will remember that growing up in south Mississippi, I was surrounded by family members that were wonderful story tellers.

Over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, we would see aunts, uncles and cousins we hadn’t seen in a while.

We always looked forward to our visits with our immediate and extended family because that was the time for storytelling and  “gettin’ caught up” on the family “news.”

And… “Just as sure as God made cod liver pills” these updates always included many “interesting” southern colloquialisms and expressions.

A few of my favorite expressions:

  • “How All Y’all and Your Mom’nem?” Translated it means, How’s your Mom and your family doing?
  • “Bless your Heart” – Translated, it’s a phrase used to show appreciation or sympathy. It can also be used as a precursor to an insult to soften the blow. This is the one to be wary of. 😊
  • “Nasty Nice” – Translated, it means interacting nicely and politely with someone you really don’t care for or who has treated you unkindly.


As we move towards the holiday season, I encourage each of you to spend some time sharing and re-telling stories that will surely have you “tickled pink” and “Grinnin’ like a possum eatin’ briars!”

Until next time…

Stay Safe and Be Well.


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