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“Four-Footed Family” Members

“Four-Footed Family” Members

March 19, 2021
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Many years ago, my three daughters gave me a Christmas present that kept on giving. Come Christmas morning my girls could not wait to give me my present…one very large box that kept moving and shaking.

As I warily began to unwrap my gift, I could not help but notice the incredible smiles and looks of excitement each shared. Looking into the box and to my SURPRISE were two Seal Point Siamese Kittens, two brothers, Tom and Tiger.

For 17 + years, these two boys provided unconditional love, laughter, and companionship.

During the pandemic as we have sheltered in place & missed seeing loved ones, having our “four-footed” family members is truly a blessing!

Until next time…

Stay Safe and Be Well.


Jim Nix and the Horizons Financial Family