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April 12, 2021
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Recently I was reminded of a family experience that occurred when my girls were roughly 14, 12 & 10. Picture a Saturday, early evening, the day winding down in the Nix house.

As I was walking down a long hall in our home, I hear my youngest daughter scream “F I R E!” Without thinking, I begin to run through the house yelling, “FIRE, FIRE!”

 I quickly locate my two oldest daughters and immediately go into “DAD Mode”, hurriedly grabbing both into my arms and racing outside to a place of safety. As I turn to go back inside to retrieve my youngest, I suddenly realize that both daughters were yelling at me…

“DAD! She was screaming S P I D E R not FIRE!”

As I look back on that experience and relate that to how we help our clients, I realize how important it is NOT to panic during a crisis. We have experienced a lot of volatility and uncertainty in the financial markets this year and anticipate the possibility of more. During a crisis it helps to first stop, remain calm then identify the facts and circumstances before taking an action.

Until next time…
Stay Safe and Be Well.
Jim Nix and the Horizons Financial Family