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Bear Correlation: Market Vs. Encounter

Bear Correlation: Market Vs. Encounter

December 01, 2020
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Every year our Horizons Financial Team has a Team building and goal setting trip. Over the years, we have enjoyed visiting different places that included many new life experiences. 

However, this year’s trip was unique (to say the least).

As Financial Planners we understand and are familiar with Bear Markets. Unfortunately, we are not familiar with Bear encounters until recently…

Let me begin by introducing you to the new friend we made during our Team trip to the Smokey Mountains.

Say hello to Mama Bear-

Mama Bear and her three cubs were frequent visitors to our small part of the Smokey Mountains. As it turns out, this is her part…. not ours.

During our stay, we encountered Mama and cubs on three separate occasions. Due to the frequency of our encounters, we quickly decided to educate ourselves about black bears. Specifically, black mama bears with cubs.

As we prepared ourselves for any further encounters with Mama, we quickly identified the correlation between a Bear Market and a Bear Encounter.

Most of us have experienced a bear market of some kind during our investing years. What stands out to me is the need for a plan and how to move forward safely without a long-lasting negative outcome.

Our Team at Horizons Financial helps individuals and families prepare for their retirement by customizing a Values-Based Financial Plan for their future.*

Having a plan in place, no matter your age or stage in life, can help improve chances for a successful, stress-free retirement.

As it turns out, our Team was able to successfully coexist with Mama Bear and cubs for the remainder of our trip.

What brought about “peace of mind” for our Team was educating ourselves about what to do during a bear encounter and having a plan in place should another one occur.

And no, the plan wasn’t simply NOT to be the last one to run away from the bear or to make sure you could outrun at least one member of our Team. 😊

Until next time…

Stay Safe and Be well.


Jim Nix and the Horizons Financial Family